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The Food and Drug Administration (Washington, D.C.) issued a general alert last week stating that several batches of apples for distribution to consumers nationwide were tainted. Similar to the salmonella-tainted pistachio distribution crisis of this past February, this most recent alert is critical due to the increasing consumption of apples in the public sector, most pointedly in the public school system.

Today, the FDA issued the following clarification on the types of apples involved. Most of these tainted apples were distributed through agents and resellers based in the southern California region. Federal agents were quick to point out that all tainted apples would rapidly turn into rotten ones before ever reaching the hands of their intended consumers. A spokesman for the FDA was quoted as saying “It is becoming very easy to track these tainted apple shipments, as they can be detected from the packaging.”

The FDA released this photograph so that consumers could identify the tainted product, warning that contact with the product could cause serious side-effects. All tainted products have this image on the packaging material.
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