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General Lesson Resource Hotspots!

Share My Lesson
Teachers Pay Teachers
The Teacher's Corner
Busy Teacher Cafe
Lesson Planet
A TO Z Teacher Stuf
Enchanted Learning
SuperTeacher Worksheets
Education World
Discovery Education Lesson Plans
Game Classroom
Eduhound (Elem, Mid, High - Arts, English, Geography, History, Math, Science, Soc. St)
Science Links (K-12)
Birmingham Grid (Interactive Whiteboard Resources)

Interactive Board/Surface Resources

"Whiteboards don't engage students. TEACHERS engage students." ~Mel Ridder


I have an interactive board, now what do I do with it?
What NOT to do with an interactive board...


SmartBoard Software Only

(These sites require SmartNotebook Software or Mimio Notebook)

SMART Board Terminal (K-12)
Smartboard Educator Resources (Smartboard software only - from Smart itself)
Links to other Smart Lessons (Smartboard software only)
Downloads (templates - Smartboard software only)
K-3 Great Sites (any board, math and language)
Smartboard Math Lessons (Smartboard software only)
Great Smartboard Ideas (Smartboard software only)
Smartboard Sites
Missouri SD Site

Promethean Software Only

Interactive Lessons/Activities - Any Board

Mega Huge Awesome Collection (sorted by grade level and subject area, all boards)
Smarter Smartboard Use
Math Virtual Manipulatives
Engaging Learners
Elementary Interactive Sites
Interactive Sites
Smartboard Resources
Top Marks (K-12, Math, Arts, Science, Social Studies, Literacy)
Birmingham Grid for Learning (Primary, Secondary - Math, Science, Reading)
Interactive Math Sites (any board)
Interactive Literacy Sites (any board)
The Whiteboard Blog (any board)

MimioTeach/Mimio Notebook

(Lori's Mimio Wikipage)
Everyday Math Resources
Glastonbury Schools Everyday Math Resources
Edgewood Elementary Mimio Resources
Mimio Lessons
Interactive Board Resources
Gallery Addons
K-1 Lessons
Stafford Public Schools
Ogden Elementary School