Bring your own device/technology is an initiative being instituted in the business and educational fields.
We are currently running a small, pilot program in Honesdale High School involving 8 teachers.

Rationale behind BYOD:

What BYOD is and isn't:

What BYOD ISN'T!.jpg

Registering MAC Addresses:

Finding Wifi Mac Address Instructions/Worksheet

Comprehensive Guide

Best Practices

ShowMe: Screencasting
Demonstrate OR have students demonstrate/explain something by drawing and recording your voice on the iPad.
*sample here

Socrative: Student Response System
Teacher creates an account and sets up the questions.
Question types include: M/C, T/F, Short Answer, Quick Quiz, Exit Ticket, Space Race)
Student logs in to from any browser on any device and enters the room number.
Teacher starts the activity and students complete it.
The teacher can download a full report in Excel.

Teacher creates a poll question or a series of questions. (Create an account to save them and work ahead.)
Students respond via text or the web. On the web go to
Results appear live on the screen.

Opportunity for students/teachers to backchannel.
*have a chat going during a debate, a film clip, a lecture - ask questions, collaborate, respond to each other.
Teacher creates a room and decides how long the room will stay open.
When the room is named, part of the name becomes part of the URL.
Using any browser, students visit the url, enter their names, then type in what they want to say and click SAY.
This becomes part of an ongoing dialog.