Your script is finished! Your background audio is selected! Now it is time to add your voice!

Go up to TRACK and select NEW TRACK...


Select REAL INSTRUMENT and click Create.


MUTE the music track(s) but clicking the MUTE symbol.


Make sure the Metronome is turned off or you will have a constant ticking in your recording. Go to CONTROL and make sure METRONOME is NOT checked. If it is, then click on it and it will become unchecked.


It is time to record! Click on the RED record button to begin and again to stop. The space bar will also stop the recording.
Speak clearly and with some volume. The microphone is on top of the Mac, near the camera.


Need to make edits? Click the Track Editor (scissors) to get a detailed view of your recording.


Move the playhead (red line) to the spot you want to make a cut. Go up to EDIT, choose SPLIT CLIP.
Do the same thing for the end of the spot you want to delete. Highlight JUST that little spot you want to delete and click the DELETE key on your keyboard.

Finished!? Go to SHARE -> SEND SONG TO iTUNES.

Once iTunes opens, click on MUSIC. Find your song and drag it to the desktop. Save it to your computer class folder and the hand in folder.