ENO - Interactive Whiteboard by Polyvision

ENO For Beginners Printable Tutorial



Basic Troubleshooting

The ENO Driver...

Click HERE for a video demonstration.

Tips for Using the ENO

1. Use lithium batteries with the pen/stylus.
2. It takes the pen 6-7 seconds to "wake up" after uncapping.
3. Be careful of the on/off switch. If you accidentally bump it, the pen turns off. Once you turn it back on, it will take 6-7 seconds to "wake up."
Notice that the switch is on the bottom part of the pen, where many people place their fingers when writing. Billy, an awesome Polyvision technician, showed me to hold
the pen back farther, that way my fingers don't come into contact with the button.
4. If using the Bluetooth connector on a PC, use the same USB port for the connector each time you use it. If you switch USB ports, the computer might not recognize the connector
as one you have already used. It might think it is a different connector.
5. Do not hold the pen at a 90 degree angle.

Pairing the Pen: Mac


REVISED Magnetic Strip Cheat Sheet


Magnetic Strip Cheat Sheets

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